An introduction for facilitators, educators and anyone who wants to meet wild clay

Happy to announce the visual guides are now complete – a set of handouts to support anyone who wants to explore the process of working with wild clay, including recommendations for how to share this process with others.

Illustrations by the brilliant Merlin Evans

Whilst I have been falling love with the process of sourcing, making and firing – i.e. making ceramics – this is not my expertise. I am a complete novice and the focus of my research in creating these guides and developing the workshops was to see whether this was something a complete beginner could do. After all, this is how our ancestors taught themselves and there are many methods that need little to no specialist equipment.

These guides were not intended to be a one-size-fits-all set of instructions, but rather to support and scaffold face-to-face sessions where creative practitioners can try out new methods together and develop peer learning networks. The guides could then become a set of shared working notes, collectively adding ideas and resources. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my plans to host these sessions this summer have had to be put on hold. In the meantime, I’m sharing the guides so that anyone interested can have a play for themselves and let me know what they find.

Thoughts, feedback, questions and tips all most welcome!

If you would like to join or arrange a workshop, please contact me.

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